Hi everyone.  We are growing leaps and bounds and branching out into the UK. We have representative (a close friend who loves our sauces) name Helen Kapsali and she can be reached thru our new facebook page -

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Big Daddy’s Hot Sauces are made by Big Daddy Trevi and his wife Becky, residents of the eclectic Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas, from their homemade recipes.  We began making the sauces from our kitchen with peppers grown in our own pepper garden in 2001 and began commercially making sauces in 2004 after urging from friends.  We wanted to create sauces that combine great flavor as well as heat, which we did in our sauces, Big Daddy’s Ass Burn, Amplified Heat, High on Fire, The Flaming Lips Three Drops of Death, and the Orange Show Fire Blossom Special BBQ Sauce. Trev and Beck 

The same basic recipe is used in the first three sauces, including Houston microbrewery St. Arnold’s Lawnmower Beer, only switching out the peppers to highlight the personality of each pepper.  Ass Burn uses cayenne peppers for a medium heat, Amplified Heat uses smoked jalapeno peppers for a strong, smoky flavor, and High on Fire uses habanero peppers for a more intense heat.  The Flaming Lips Three Drops of Death, which also uses St. Arnold’s Lawnmower Beer, is a trippy sauce with citrus flavor coming from pineapples and ginger while still delivering nice heat with habaneros.  The Orange Show Fire Blossom Special BBQ Sauce, made for the Houston art institution, is a light bbq sauce made without high-fructose corn syrup that brings strong flavors of oranges, honey, and habaneros. The EHG In the Name of Suffering is made with ghost peppers, ancho peppers, and the holy trinity of cajun cooking to bring our hottest sauce a smoky, earthy flavor. 

Being a longtime participant in the Houston underground metal scene, playing bass in such bands as Venomous Maximus, Whorehound, and Drunken Thunder, Trevi named the High on Fire hot sauce after his friends in the Oakland-based metal band of the same name, even getting their esteemed album cover artist Arik Roper to design the label. He named the Amplified Heat hot sauce after his friends in the Austin-based classic rock band of the same name.  The Flaming Lips hot sauce was made with his friends in the legendary beyond-description Oklahoma City band with singer Wayne Coyne and longtime Lips artist George Salisbury doing the label artwork.  And the EHG sauce was made with his friends in the New Orleans southern blues-sludge legends EYEHATEGOD with their bassist Gary Mader coming up with the sick label.